From a young age, humans’ psychology has intrigued me immensely.

– Why do people do what they do and why do most ALWAYS succumb to PLEASURE?

Casino VIP Host with Venetian Macau (Career 2008)


Where only Pleasure Matters.

Have you ever heard that saying : “ A smart player is a person who doesn’t gamble?” 

If that is true, why are casinos one of the most profitable businesses in the world? 

No clock. To distort players’ sense of time.

Life is Ether. Literally.

If you haven’t stepped foot into a brick and mortar casino and put your first dollar on the casino table, you too – haven’t yet experienced the truest personality of the human’s psyche.

The Gallantry of Mankind.

The casino is a world that is separate and distinct from the real world. It is a place that insinuates thoughts of pleasure and play. It is where moments when the real world stops and fantasy takes over.


The rules are different here. Everything creates illusion. 


That exuberant environment, embellished with luxury accoutrements, teeming with opulence, wealth and abundance, brimming with life in the company of stunning beautiful people, breathtaking theatrical performances where theatrical actors are adorned with unreal costume, make-up, fake alluring sets, glittering objects and people crowding together raise the psychological temperature to hothouse levels.


With constant activities and movements, casino hosts are perpetually ready under high rollers disposal for any conciergerie. 


The pace in the casino creates a whirling effect in the mind, stirs up strong emotions that creates an intoxicating buoyant feeling and no matter the age of those involved, it simulates youthful energy ; A playful world, full of sights and sounds that excite the baby or child within them.


All the money that has been spent or even wasted-adds to the feelings that the real world of duty and morality has been banished. Those moments are pure leisure and pleasure. 


Call it the brothel effect.