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The Casino Royale is a leading event management company in Singapore that was founded in January 2009. The founder, Estelle, was working for The Venetian, Macau as a casino host when she realised people just enjoyed the casino environment immensely. There were lots of fun within the industry itself with full blast entertainment circling around. Punters, despite knowing one could lose most of the time, were always intrigued by the effects of “Instant Gratification”; That immediate win-lose results!

And she thought ‘Why Not’ set-up an exact replica of a casino for enthusiastic punters experiencing the same effects of imagining oneself of being a VIP in an authentic ‘mock up’ casino settings, indulged in wines and booze & still being able to experience the thrill of instant gratification without any real money.

If your event is important to make that “Super Wow “impression & get your guests engaged in conversations, just put them around a casino table and see what happens! In a real casino, strangers became friends just by sitting around the casino table gambling together. In our fun casino, we create party pits around casino tables that bring your guests together